Chassis conteneur

Camion Terminal

CIMC - 40'/53' EX Tridem


40’/53’ EX Tridem  


  • Peut supporter un 40' ou un 45' ISO container.
  • Rencontre les spécifications TOFC, AAR, DOT, FMVSS, ISO, ANSI, SAE et TTMA.



Overall Length: 40' 8" (Close position. Excludes rear bumper.) 53' 8" (Close position. Excludes rear bumper.)

Overall Width: 96"

Fifth Wheel Height: 47"±1"

Rear Deck Height: 48"±1"

Kingpin Location: 24" (From rear face of front bolster)

Axle Spread: 61"

Tandem Location: 40-3/8" (The rearmost position, from rear face of rear bolster)

Tare Weight: 11,300 Lbs (±2%)

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 78,500 Lbs